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Heaven Inspired Sounds
(HIS Records)

Heaven-Inspired Sounds (also known as HIS Records) is a multimedia entertainment company founded by Uvie Otive-Igbuzor (Uviboy). HIS Records has two main strands: a record label that deals with music production, and a media branch that deals with photography.


Problems The EP explores some of the problems that have occurred in 2020 – from the coronavirus pandemic (“Corona”) to police brutality in the USA (“I Can’t Breathe”) and Nigeria (“#EndSARS”), as well as cases of sexual and gender-based violence in Nigeria (“Girl Child”).

The EP ends with two songs, “The Mic”, which calls for us to use our voices to fight against injustice, and “No Stain”, which is a song of affirmation about integrity and anti-corruption in our land.

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